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Extraction 2018 Technical Themes and Symposia

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Extraction 2018 is the home for several important recurring symposia that examine new developments in foundational extractive metallurgy topics and techniques. It also offers new programming designed to share the latest research and insights on emerging technologies and issues that are shaping the global extractive metallurgy industry. Learn more about each symposium planned for the conference here.

Late News Poster Session: Last Call to Post Your Achievements!

Poster Author Directory
To encourage networking outside of the designated poster viewing times, please refer to the PDF Poster Author Directory. Here you will find contact information for the poster authors and can set up one-one-one discussions while you are onsite at Extraction 2018.

The Late News Poster Session is no longer accepting abstracts; the deadline to submit was June 17. Poster presentations are set for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the conference. This interactive poster session will give individuals not able to make an oral presentation a chance to contribute to the program and network with leaders in the global extractive metallurgy field.

Extraction 2018 is no longer accepting abstracts for oral presentations. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to programming staff. For additional details on Extraction 2018 programming, including a listing of organizers and contact information for each symposia, visit ProgramMaster directly and choose from the listing of symposia titles.

Meet the Poster Session Chair

Ahmet Deniz Bas
Researcher – Flotation,

Ahmet Deniz Bas has a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering (2009) and master’s degree in the field of hydrometallurgy (2012) from Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey. Bas earned his Ph.D. in metallurgical and materials engineering from Université Laval, Québec, Canada (2017). Upon completing his Ph.D., he was a postdoctoral fellow in chemical engineering at the same university. Bas has more than eight years of hands-on experience in the hydrometallurgical extraction of metals from ores, concentrates, or wastes. He has been involved in different R&D projects in fields of mineral processing and (bio)hydrometallurgy. He served as poster chair at COM 2016 hosting the XXVIII IMPC in Québec City. Bas is the recipient of the 2016 Gordon M. Ritcey Ph.D. Award from Hydrometallurgy Section of MetSoc of CIM. He has been awarded the 2017 MetSoc Emerging Professional in Hydrometallurgy Technical Section. He has been interviewed by Barry Wills of MEI as Rising Star. He volunteers as social media ambassador for MetSoc at COM events. He has recently been appointed assistant editor for Minerals Engineering Journal (Elsevier). Bas co-authored 13 SCI journal papers, 13 conference proceedings, and two translations. He is a member of CIM, SME, TMS, and ASM. He enjoys making interviews with the luminaries in metal extraction processes. He has been appointed as poster chair at Extraction 2018 in Ottawa. Bas is currently working as a researcher at COREM, Québec, Canada.

Technical Program Information


This technical track encompasses all aspects of hydrometallurgy extraction, purification, and recovery of base, critical, rare and precious metals, from both research and industrial application perspectives.

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Hydrometallurgy 2018 marks the 8th installment of the leading international symposium series on hydrometallurgical topics. Presentations are welcomed that address any area of hydrometallurgy theory and practice, including but not limited to, leaching, solvent extraction, ion exchange, electrorefining, electrowinning, process control, precipitation, environmental issues, energy efficiency, recovery from secondary sources, by-product recovery, and modelling.

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Within a defined technical scope, the 2018 Gordon Ritcey Symposium is seeking papers within the following topic areas:

Solvent Extraction
  • Applications in extractive metallurgy
  • Alternative separation technologies
  • Contacting equipment
  • Modelling and simulation
Ion Exchange
  • Applications in metallurgy
  • Contacting equipment
  • Modelling and simulation
Membrane Separations
  • Supported liquid membranes
  • Electrically assisted separations, RO and nanofiltration
  • Forward osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration
Emerging Technologies
  • Supercritical fluids
  • Free-flow electrophoresis (FFE)
  • Alternative separation technologies
  • Ionic liquids (in solvent extraction, EW)

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New for Extraction 2018, this symposium will primarily focus on the processing of critical, green and/or strategic metals, with a secondary focus on end-user information. Metals that the symposium will specifically examine include (but are not limited to):

  • Lithium
  • Graphite
  • Scandium
  • Rare earth elements (REE)
  • Cobalt
  • Gallium/germanium/indium
  • Vanadium


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This technical scope of this symposium examines all aspects of sulfide smelting technology, including basic principles, technology, and current operating practice. Authors who are engaged in the analysis, development, and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the production of metals, metalloids, and alloys through sulfide smelting are encouraged to contribute. Papers that describe innovative methods for achieving impurity separation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization, and/or energy efficiency of particular interest, as are those that address important technical, economic, and environmental issues.

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New for 2018, the Peter Hayes Symposium is accepting abstracts within the following topic areas:

  • Novel processes, integrated plant designs, process selection and criteria
  • Recycling/environmental impact
  • Experimental fundamentals – determination of phase equilibria, other physicochemical properties
  • Modelling fundamentals – thermodynamic and other physicochemical properties modelling
  • Process fundamentals and reaction kinetics
  • Process/flow modelling

Presentations that offer valuable “lessons learned” are also of interest.


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This new programming opportunity encompasses a variety of aspects impacting the flotation of base and precious metals. The focus is on practical applications, with each session designed to convene metallurgists, scientists and operators to discuss and address challenges facing the industry. Of particular interest are presentations examining the following technical themes:

  • Flotation plant design and operational challenges
  • Flotation process mineralogy and geometallurgy
  • New developments in flotation chemistry
  • Recent advances in flotation equipment


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Exclusive to Extraction 2018, this one-day symposium will provide the business context for the more meeting’s specific technical symposia and presentations. The intent of the symposium is connect technical and non-technical professionals for discussion of current issues, and development of an improved understanding of each other's fields and challenges. Invited speakers will discuss the metal trading, the impact of impurities on tolling and refining charges, environmental regulations world-wide, protectionism, and an outlook to the future. Anyone in the commodities business, working in either the technical or commercial arena, will benefit from this provocative overview of developing business trends, as well as the networking opportunities with key players in the commodities industry.