Metallurgical Accounting: Principles and Main Applications

Sunday, August 26 (full-day course)
Westin Ottawa
MetSoc and TMS
Lead Organizer / Instructor
Marie-Véronique Durance, Caspeo, and Stéphane Brochot, Caspeo

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Course Overview

A metallurgical accounting system is the key tool for determining the real performances of a metallurgical installation and achieving operational excellence. Such a system can cover the full production process from the mine to the final smelter and refinery. This short course is an introduction to the main principles and interests of a metallurgical accounting system. It deals with the fundamentals: required measurements, reconciliation algorithm, frequencies, and objectives. It presents the interest for various types of applications. A review of the best practice recommended by the AMIRA P754 code for metallurgical accounting is also proposed.

This course presents a practical approach for the implementation of the different tools leading to the establishment of a complete metallurgical accounting system. Starting from the data acquisition (sensor, sampling system), through the determination of measurement errors (including sampling error) or the different options for stocks determination, the animators will review all the steps required for implementing a full system and show an example related to copper production.

By attending this course, participants will improve their knowledge about data reconciliation techniques and learn methods to improve the accuracy of a metal accounting report. They will be sensitized to the main issues that affect the metal accounting and shown how to avoid them.

Course Outline

  • Morning
    • Session 1: Introduction to metal accounting
      • Importance of metal accounting
      • The AMIRA code
      • Data reconciliation
    • Session 2: Data reconciliation improvement
      • Measurement and sampling
      • Granularity and its improvement
  • Afternoon
    • Session 3: Inventory tracking
      • Stock management and inventory
      • Periodicity and scenarios
    • Session 4: Data and metal accounting report
      • Data workflow and validation
      • Data storage and information system
      • Generation of a metal accounting report: demonstration using a metal accounting solution
    • Instructor evaluation by participants

Course Instructors

Marie-Véronique Durance graduated from the National Engineering School of Geology (1990, Nancy, France) and completed her education with a master in general management (2000, Nantes, France). She joined the software development team of BRGM in 1991 as mineral processing engineer. In 1998, she became the Deputy Head of the Process Department of BRGM, keeping involved in mineral processing software activity.

Since 2004, Durance has been the co-managing director of Caspeo. She is one of the inventors of INVENTEO, solution for metallurgical accounting. She contributes to the implantation projects and ensure the solution marketing.

Stéphane Brochot obtained his doctorate (Ph.D.) in physics from the University of Orléans-Tours in 1990 and completed his education with a master in mathematical engineering and computer processing techniques. He joined BRGM in 1991 as the head of the software development team, pursuing research in process modelling and algorithmic. In 1999, he became the product manager of the process analysis software range for the design and optimization of solids processing plants (ores, contaminated soils, wastes).

As one of the co-managing directors, Brochot has been the scientific and technical manager of Caspeo since 2004. He is responsible for the R&D activity of the company and is continuing his research on mineral processing modelling and simulation, sampling, data reconciliation, and metal accounting. He is one of the INVENTEO inventors. He designs new features of the solution and manages the implementation projects.


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Sponsorship Acknowledgements

This course is made possible thanks to The Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc) of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).